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    “Germany’s best-known dating agency for influential & successful people.”
    “Europe’s most exclusive dating agent.”

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    Christa Appelt

    “Your happiness is close to my heart!”

    When I founded my first institute in Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s, I soon realised that I had found my vocation in matrimonial agency services and matchmaking.

    This soon turned into a success story, from which countless couples between the ages of 25 and 84 have emerged, many of whom have developed into happy families.

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    In this day an age, love gives us stability –
    now more than ever before!

    More and more young, successful and demanding personalities are turning to our company for help in their search for great love and a harmonious partnership.

    Clients can count on the competence and experience of my carefully selected staff, whose highest priorities are loyalty and discretion!

    “And so it goes without saying that we are always there for our clients.”

    Christa Appelt

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