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    Our services at a glance

    Our long-standing and professional concept – tailored to your wishes and requirements – guarantees you an individual service. We try to do justice to this by offering various tailor-made options. All recommendations have one thing in common, however: they help you to find your own personal dream partner in a discreet manner!


    Discretion is always our highest priority. But there are some clients for whom we cannot set the bar high enough in terms of privacy: they might in the public eye, for example, or have to act with particular caution due to their high-status professional position. With premium status, and its highest maxim of individual pre-selection, we offer you the greatest possible protection and exclusive support from Christa Appelt herself. A service that is as extraordinary as you are!


    As the years go by, demands increase. Personal experiences and also, unfortunately, some disappointments have leave their mark. Gold status is chosen by discerning singles with standards and academics seeking to find a partnership on an even footing, fall in love and experience true happiness with their dream partner. Our clients’ details are exchanged discreetly and simultaneously. Contact is only established after both partners have given their consent.


    Our silver status is chosen by people between their early 20s and mid-30s who consciously wish to find their life partner early on and do not want to leave the search to chance or online dating. Young singles in particular benefit from our business model, which offers a service that is both flexible and at the same time highly reliable. A service that takes their mobility into account and adapts to their financial possibilities. You will be inspired!

    “Our media presence allows our sophisticated client base to grow every day.”

    Christa Appelt

    Our size and expertise guarantee your success!


    Our mission is to lead every successful and demanding single to happiness in an exclusive, personal and discreet way.

    In doing so, we employ both classic and innovative advertising techniques.

    Our media presence, selected over decades, allows our sophisticated client base to grow daily!

    The stronger the brand, the greater its success!

    #1 print media


    While many print media are losing readership, they still represent an important cornerstone within marketing.

    You can find us in renowned daily newspapers such as:

    Die Welt, FAZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, Zeit Magazin, Hamburger Abendblatt, Rheinische Post, Der Standard, Salzburger Nachrichten, NZZ

    And also in such selected trade journals as, for example:

    Deutsches Ärzteblatt, Deutsches Tierärzteblatt, Pharmazeutische Zeitung, Reiter Revue, Zahnmedizin, Golf Magazin

    We love Google and Google loves us!

    #2 online marketing


    Search engine optimisation (SEO) and AdWords campaigns (SEA) are further core elements of our marketing success.

    We have been working for years in this regard with an experienced team of experts who are undisputed masters of their trade.

    True to the motto “What doesn’t exist on Google doesn’t exist”, we pay particular attention to two parameters: visibility and speed.

    #3 social media


    We are also active on social media in order to further strengthen and increase awareness of the Christa Appelt brand. You can find us on:


    Come and have a look!

    „With our own talk show, we’ve risen to the top of the marketing league.“

    Christa Appelt

    #4 Talk show „BeziehungsWeise-Appelt“


    The specially produced talk show “BeziehungsWeise-Appelt” on Welt der Wunder TV represents the pinnacle of marketing, not least because of its immense reach. We are extremely proud of it – and rightly so!

    We work hard for your happiness!
    And have done so for almost 30 years now.

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    Our philosophy

    All service options are based on our proven philosophy, which is measured by the highest standards expected of a top service.

    This includes an initial non-binding consultation in an office or at a discreet location of your choice. This interview is intended to help you get to know the Christa Appelt company, to gain insight into our procedures and to build lasting trust – and this initial contact comes with no obligations.

    If you have placed your trust in us, we would like to get to know you better: your wishes, your interests, your goals in life, what moves you, inspires you, motivates you – in short, who you are. This enables us to find out which partner is right for you.

    Absolute discretion

    Figures in leading positions, those who are in the public eye or members of internationally known families in particular want to be sure that THEY are loved, and not their environment, their background or even their bank account.

    And for older people, too, this highly discreet path offers security and protection from any unpleasant surprises.

    At a time when competent support in the search for a partner is becoming increasingly necessary and self-evident, our professional concept is constantly gaining in importance.

    Individual coaching

    Get excited! Once we have submitted suitable partner suggestions to you – the number of contacts is not limited (!) – and both partners have signalled their YES, you won’t have to wait long for the first rendezvous.

    To ensure that there are more highlights than just the first rendezvous, we’re there to help and support you. Comprehensive professional coaching on all aspects of relationship issues is an essential part of our work.

    After all, we want your newly won happiness to last!

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    We place great value on transparency!
    Our frequently asked questions and their answers.

    When it comes to your decision to make use of a reputable matchmaking agency, it is very important to us that you get the best advice. Please make a careful comparison before you make a decision. We would like to put the following catalogue of questions to you regarding this:

    Do I have to pay anything for the first consultation (with a matchmaking agency)?

    Do I have to pay anything for the first consultation (with a matchmaking agency)?

    As long as you do not enter into a contract for paid services with a matchmaking agency, there are no legal obligations between you and the company. Apart from the cost of telephone call, a consultation does not incur any charges unless this has been agreed upon.

    What do I have to pay attention to during the first consultation?

    What do I have to pay attention to during the first consultation?

    You should ask the agency to explain their approach to searching for a suitable partner. If you are presented with a form for an agency contract, you should read the contract carefully. Under no circumstances should you agree to any conditions whose meaning you do not understand. It may make sense not to sign the contract immediately, but to have the contract form sent to you so that you can check it at your leisure.

    Should I trust traditional matchmaking agency that wants to make home visits?

    Should I trust traditional matchmaking agency that wants to make home visits?

    We say NO! Home visits are considered dubious in our industry too. The reason: at home you are in your own environment, where you first become aware of your loneliness. You open your heart more quickly! This makes the conversation much more emotional for you. An experienced matchmaker understands this and can exploit it for the success of their business. As such, you will then tend to sign a contract more quickly.

    Our recommendation: For the first consultation, which should always be non-binding and free of charge, we recommend a neutral location or the respective agency’s office. Never allow yourself to be pressured into signing! In case of any doubts, find out your rights if a home visit has taken place.

    Never allow yourself to be pressured into signing at the first interview!

    Is there a guarantee of success?

    Is there a guarantee of success?

    Since the choice of a partner is a highly personal decision, a matchmaker cannot guarantee a successful match.

    The intermediary demands the entire fee in advance. Is this trustworthy?

    The intermediary demands the entire fee in advance. Is this trustworthy?

    The remuneration for marriage or partnership services is not enforceable in most contractual arrangements with marriage and matchmaking agencies.

    Thus, if the intermediary provides its contractually agreed services but the customer does not pay, the intermediary has no possibility to enforce its remuneration claims in court. In order to avoid this, most commercial partner intermediaries require the agreed fee in advance in whole or in part. Prepayment is therefore customary within the industry.

    What services does a contract with a matchmaking agency include?

    What services does a contract with a matchmaking agency include?

    This depends on the content of the contract you conclude with the matchmaking agency. Sometimes the submission of a certain number of partner proposals is agreed upon, and sometimes only a “portfolio” of partner proposals is made available, from which individual partner proposals can be retrieved.

    With this type of mediation contract, the mediation firm has earned the agreed fee as soon as the agreed number of partner proposals has been submitted or the proposal portfolio has been established. In other contractual arrangements, the contract is concluded for a certain period of time. In the case of these contracts, the fee accrues if the client has the opportunity to make use of the agreed mediation services during the contract term.

    Pay attention to your right of revocation and termination!

    Pay attention to your right of revocation and termination!

    In the event that you are offered the right to cancel your contract by making use of certain additional services, you must exercise the utmost caution! Our recommendation: The right of revocation and termination is an integral part of your service contract. Always insist on this protection whatever the case. If an agency makes such an offer to you, be sure to avoid it.

    Is there a money-back guarantee, e.g. if I have not found my partner?

    Is there a money-back guarantee, e.g. if I have not found my partner?

    If you have a matchmaking service contract – this is the predominant type of contract today – the matchmaking agency has earned the agreed fee if it has provided the agreed services. If this is the case, the matchmaker does not have to refund anything, even if you have not found your partner. The marriage agency contract type, which used to be common, is today only seen rarely. With this type of contract, the agreed remuneration is not earned until an agreed-upon goal, i.e. entering into marriage, has been successfully brought about.

    Is the number of partner proposals limited?

    Is the number of partner proposals limited?

    We work for and with you under a service contract until you have found your dream partner. We don’t limit the number of contacts! Beware of agencies that want to sell you a fixed number of contacts. As soon as the number of contacts has been submitted to you, you have no right to any further matches. Further contacts are an “optional provision”. Your money is often lost in this case.

    Free matchmaking

    Free matchmaking

    Be vigilant with agencies that suggest to you that there are enough partner suggestions available for placement. It is not uncommon for these agencies to accept clients free of charge – in exchange for a confidentiality clause. In our opinion, this is a breach of trust! This practice is unacceptable for customers who trustingly turn to a reputable matchmaking agency and who sometimes invest a considerable fee.

    Recommendation: A reputable matchmaking agency never accepts customers for free just to create referral potential for themselves!

    Even membership of a singles exchange is subject to a fee. So be vigilant and don’t let yourself be led up the garden path. Who wants to meet a gentleman or a lady who is (only?) looking for a financially strong partner?

    Does this website show pictures of customers?

    Does this website show pictures of customers?

    No. We use so-called stock pictures from well-known agencies to create messages around the topics of love and partnership on our website and on social media. The identities of our customers remain protected at all times and discretion is always maintained!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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