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    Matchmaking in Vienna

    It has just been voted the city with the highest quality of life in the world for the 9th time – and many consider it one of the most beautiful metropolises of all: Vienna. But Austria’s capital has so much more to offer than just the flair of the Danube and the romance of the horse-drawn carriage. It’s logical that we at Christa Appelt, the dating agency, are also fans. And we are not only offering our exclusive partner search services, but are also constantly on the move for you to introduce you to the most exciting, exciting and appealing locations in Vienna. So join us on our foray through the former imperial imperial and royal city…

    Magnificent, rich in history and colourful…

    Hofreitschule, Belvedere, Stephansdom and the “Burg” as a synonym for one of the most renowned theatres in the world: Vienna seems to exude history from every pore and attracts around 7 million visitors every year, not least thanks to its glamorous k.u.k. history. Also us from the dating agency Christa Appelt, whom we once came as guests and then stayed…

    In addition to the magnificent architecture and the rich cultural heritage of the Habsburgs (for whose marriage policy we at the dating agency Christa Appelt are explicitly not responsible – simply because we didn’t exist back then…), the diversified population structure and a high proportion of young residents also provide a very special flair. The citizenship is made up of 183 nations, while Vienna is becoming more and more popular with young people who settle here in the course of training or starting a career. The average age is 42.2 years, the share of single households is 44.7% – so if the service of an exclusive dating agency makes sense, then here in Vienna. That’s why we at the Christa Appelt Ladies and Gentlemen Dating Agency are happy to offer our first-class services. And bring the project partner search for you to a successful conclusion!

    Romans, Habsburgs and Turks have already loved each other here…

    As versatile as Vienna is today as a cultural and experience metropolis, so complex is the city’s history; at least we at the dating agency Christa Appelt think so. Which is why we are now offering you a much shorter summary of the city’s history. Already explored in the Palaeolithic and inhabited since the Neolithic Age, the Romans set up a military camp here in the 1st century AD, the layout of which can still be traced today in the 1st district. The first documentary mention dates back to 881 and the political and economic rise of Vienna began with Otto I around 955. Already an important trading centre in the 11th century, Vienna soon became the capital and residence of the dukes. With the reign of the Habsburgs from 1238 onwards, the city was continuously expanded and clerically upgraded until it finally became the seat of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1556.

    After unsuccessful sieges by the Turks in the 16th and 17th centuries and the horrors of the 30-year war, Vienna’s heyday in baroque and classicism followed. Thanks to composers such as Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert who worked here, the city advanced to become a European music and cultural centre. A circumstance that also impresses us with the dating agency Christa Appelt.

    Since 1804 Vienna has been the capital of the then newly founded Austrian Empire – and after some turmoil in the 19th century it has managed to develop into one of the most prosperous and attractive cities in the world. Would you like to know why Vienna is so special? Then the Christa Appelt dating agency team will tell you why…

    Sissi, Lipizzaner and butterflies…

    Whether art, literature, science, architecture or music: Vienna enjoys an international reputation in all respects and offers visitors an almost unbelievable variety. The locals also profit from this, because there is always something new to discover – even at the traditional sights. So let’s start with the most obvious: The heritage of the Habsburgs. Rich testimony to this dynasty and the royal imperial past is provided above all by its residences, i.e. the Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace.

    Just exploring the Hofburg could take months, if not years. That’s why we at Christa Appelt, the dating agency, capitulate to the most important things because of the limited space. These are the magnificent imperial apartments with the original living and working rooms of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth; better known to many as “Sissi”. A must are the treasure chamber with the imperial crowns and the famous Burgundy treasure, the magnificent hall of the National Library – and of course the legendary Court Riding School, where you can attend demonstrations and performances of the Lipizzaner horses in what is probably the most glamorous riding hall in the world. Maybe not very original, but we from the dating agency Christa Appelt still find it the ideal place for a first date. Because in view of the noble and docile animals, everyone’s heart is bound to open.

    The butterfly house in the Burggarten, a worldwide unique testimony to glass Art Nouveau architecture, also seems very romantic. Here exotic butterflies can literally unfold freely – and bewitch us with their colourful splendour and grace. The Papyrus Museum with the world’s largest papyrus collection from three millennia is a real insider tip.

    Art treasures & curiosities

    And while we’re at museums: In the shadow of the Hofburg there are two world-famous museums: the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Albertina. Some of the most famous works of art history such as Raphael’s “Madonna in the Green” or Velazquez’s “Infant Women” can be found in the KHM, as well as exceptional paintings by Dürer, Titian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer and many others. The KHM’s Kunstkammer is the world’s largest of its kind and, in addition to natural and exotic works from all over the world, also houses the world-famous Salieria, Benuto Cellini’s salt cask. As well as masterful ivory works, rare coral formations and even shark teeth.

    The Albertina’s show collection focuses on art from the last 130 years and spans an exciting spectrum from Impressionism to contemporary art. From Monet to Picasso, from Warhol to Richter, from Kokoschka to Lassnig, you will find all the grandees since Classical Modernism.

    We can’t get enough of sophisticated art enjoyment from the dating agency Christa Appelt – and that’s why we want to drum up the advertising for the MuseumsQuartier here. Housed in the former Hofstallungen, it operates as one of the world’s largest art areas and houses the Architekturzentrum, the Kunsthalle Wien with its focus on contemporary art, as well as the Leopold Museum. Here, above all, hang works by those painters who made Vienna a hotspot of modernism at the beginning of the 20th century: the founder of the Secession, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele, who was as ingenious as he was controversial – one, and here the team of the dating agency Christa Appelt is unanimous without exception, perhaps the most visionary artist of all time. Incidentally, the world’s largest collection of his works is represented here; so, dear Schiele fans, let’s go!

    After so much art, it’s time to stroll. It’s worth it almost everywhere in Vienna. This is particularly glamorous on the Ringstrasse, where, in addition to some of the museums and sights already mentioned, you will also find the Vienna State Opera, the City Hall, the Parliament, the University and the “Burg”, the playhouse officially known as the Burgtheater. Also during the day a visit is worthwhile to admire the magnificent ceiling paintings created by Gustav Klimt. If you would like to attend a performance, which is what we at the Christa Appelt dating agency urgently recommend: Sometimes there are still remaining tickets at the box office. Otherwise it is better to reserve tickets in good time. And then enjoy brilliant performances with stars such as Peter Simonischek, Caroline Peters, Mavie Hörbiger, Nicholas Ofczarek and Klaus-Maria Brandauer.

    In the footsteps of the music gods…

    Strolling around and enjoying Vienna’s excellent shops, cafés and restaurants, you can also enjoy the excellent surroundings of Kohlmarkt and its side streets. A special tip from the Christa Appelt dating agency team: why don’t you take a theme walk, e.g. on the tracks of famous musicians? For example, there are routes that focus on the places where composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Mahler and Johann Strauss live and work, leading through small alleys, to monuments, churches, parks and musical institutions such as the Haus der Musik in Seilerstätte 30. The Viennese churches in particular can be viewed from a completely new perspective under the influence of the great musicians, including St Stephen’s Cathedral, where Haydn was active as a choirboy, Vivaldi, Gluck, Salieri and Schubert adorned the Book of the Dead, and Johann Strauss entered into the marriage covenant.

    Or the Michaelerkirche, where Haydn played the organ at the age of 17 and where his Requiem was premiered in 1791 on the occasion of Mozart’s death. The dating agency Christa Appelt would also like to recommend Vienna’s rich Art Nouveau heritage to you. On certain routes, you can explore iconic Art Nouveau and modernist buildings such as the Secession, the Majolica House, the Urania, the stations and bridges of the former Vienna Stadtbahn, the villas of Josef Hoffmann and – the showpiece – Europe’s first modern church, St. Leopold am Steinhof. It was conceived and designed by the then star architect Otto Wagner, the man who made the city a Mecca of modernity with its groundbreaking buildings. We would also like to mention the building culture of more recent times: we are particularly enthusiastic about the partner agency Christa Appelt for the Hundertwasserhaus in the 3rd district and the Wotruba Church on the Georgenberg.

    Natural oases & creative districts

    Of course, friends of the green also get their money’s worth in Vienna. The city park, the Burgpark and the Sigmund-Freud-Park, the latter in commemoration of another great son of the city, attract visitors right in the centre. Several times ranked among the ten most beautiful parks in the world is the Grüne Prater with its extensive tree-lined avenue, the Lusthaus and idyllic offshoots of the Danube, including great riding and cycling trails. In addition to the palace parks of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, baroque garden art can also be admired in the Augarten. We from the partner agency Christa Appelt especially love the Lainzer Tiergarten with its rich game population and the former hunting lodge Hermesvilla, which Emperor Franz Joseph once donated to his Sissi. We at the Christa Appelt dating agency find this very romantic. And we would like to warmly recommend this park to the ladies and gentlemen in love in Vienna…

    Trend-goers and fans of the creative scene feel that they are in good hands in Vienna’s 7th district. Between Zollergasse, Kirchengasse and Lindengasse there are many small stores, cafés and studios that make Vienna so endearing even beyond the well-known cultural paths – and where we from the dating agency Christa Appelt always make great discoveries. The Freihausviertel near the Naschmarkt is also a lively place. And the Servitenviertel in the 9th district looks almost like a village, where shops and restaurants still radiate an impressive sense of calm.

    Delicacy at the end…

    That leaves the food. And this is of course also outstanding in Vienna in view of the rich offer. A must is a visit to one of the Viennese Heurigen, where a glass of wine (or two…) and typical specialities are on the agenda. Gourmets are equally at home in the futuristic restaurant Amador, the magnificent Anna Sacher and the cosmopolitan Fabios. Great tip for the summer: the hidden guest gardens such as the Josefstadt wine tavern, the Silberwirt and the lovingly decorated Mill.

    And for all those who want to enjoy music far away from opera, operetta and the Vienna Philharmonic: club culture is at least as present as Viennese classical music. This is what electronic music hotspots like the Pratersauna, the Grelle Trout or the Danube stand for. Admittedly, you won’t find us from the dating agency Christa Appelt there very often, because with us the work comes before the pleasure to support you with our expertise and commitment with the highest discretion. It’s easy to fall in love with (the city of) Vienna, but thanks to us it’s now also possible to find a partner for life here…


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